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Interior Design Ideas | July 2010

Flowers Flowers Everywhere!

Forsythia spires are reaching skyward, and friendly flowers are cropping up at the doorstep, welcoming us home. It's
time to freshen up inside the house too--with inspirations
cut right from the garden.

Today's trend for florals is big, bold, and profuse--in bouquets to adorn tables and buffets, fabrics for bed linens or upholstery.

To stage an impressive display of floral art, look to the buffet. Your wall art can keep the surroundings garden-like all year long, but when you're in the midst
of blooming season, be creative with tall plants and vases of flowers. Often branches are a dramatic feature of bouquets which almost always consists
of one type of flower

Bed linens, like English gardens, are a marvelous way to bring a mix of flowers indoors. The typical country garden is no exclusive club: it's so neighborly that daisies and roses, lavender and lilies, are all invited.

For a fresh look, pair solid color sheets in soft hues like pale green, carnation pink, or sky blue with a comforter strewn with fanciful flowers in a big print.
Mix in small pattern florals for pillowcases.

No rules, just your own eye for "picking" your flowers. For decorative pillows, perhaps your own needlepoint: one big blossom is a trend blooming on many beds now.

Sit in a field of flowers by choosing a cheerful armchair in a floral pattern.
Call on your own gardening instincts by selecting one large flower for the
chair back - and a small floral or other pattern for the seat. Custom furniture design is all about having a piece or two in the room that is unique, designed exactly the way you want it to look. lace wigs uk

Display Your Flowers
Terra cotta and light-colored flower pots make wonderful additions to the table. human hair extensions

Use plants in small pots to mix with vases of flowers.

Gather plants in a basket for a fresh and living centerpiece.

On a long table, get the effect of a window box with a row of plants and flowers down the middle.

A pitcher filled with lavender adds a beautiful statement to a table in the old English tradition.

Place Gardenia blooms in a small glass or ceramic bowl to add fragrance to an entry or place near your favorite chair to enjoy as you relax. human hair extensions

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